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The role and effect of peanuts

Date:2018-06-27 17:40:22 Writer:Guanheng Oil

     Peanut is also called longevity fruit, because many of its functions and functions are irreplaceable by other foods. Pay attention to health care you must know more about peanut this kind of food, below come to see the benefits of eating peanuts together what it is.

The function and function of peanut

     Control your appetite: peanuts are a "high satiety" food that makes you feel fuller, or fuller for longer.

     Help reduce salt: salty peanuts not only satisfy your taste for salty food, but also do not easily lead to excessive salt intake.

     Stabilize blood sugar: studies have found that if you replace a portion of red meat in your diet with peanuts, your risk of diabetes is 21 percent lower. Peanuts slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. If you eat peanuts in the morning, your blood sugar will not be too high throughout the day.

     Keep your heart healthy: those who eat the most peanuts have a 35 percent lower risk of coronary heart disease. Peanuts contain compounds that lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and make the heart healthier.

     Reduce cancer risk: women who ate peanuts at least twice a week had a 58 percent lower risk of colon cancer, the study found. Men who ate peanuts at least twice a week reduced their risk by 27 percent.

     Peanuts contain resveratrol. The substance has strong biological activity, not only against cancer, but also inhibits platelet aggregation, preventing myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

     So, would you pick the right peanut?

Peanut selection

     On the outside, some of the peanuts have "little white dots" on one end, because the color of the red color of the peanuts is exposed when the red color is exposed. If the peanuts are dyed, the exposed "little white spots" will also be dyed red.

     Because the red color is very thin, if the peanuts are dyed, the color will permeate the red color. After peeling the red color off, you can see that the inside of the red color will also be light red.

     To a grain of wet red peanuts and soaked in a grain of peanut were on a piece of blank paper friction, though wet white paper, but no red paper prove that the peanut has not been dyed.

     Daily diet health, to eat more peanuts.