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The chief value of pineapples

Date:2018-06-27 17:09:22 Writer:Guanheng Oil

Medicinal value

    Pineapple flat, taste sweet, slightly acidic, slightly astringent, sexual cold, with clear heat quench thirst, xiaoshi antidiarrheal, fill taste, solid strength, beneficial blood, xiaoshi, clearing damp, raise colour, thin body effect and so on, for the summer medical food and fruit in season, but also should not eat too much at a time. (compendium of materia medica by li shizhen)

    Pineapple contains a substance called "pineapple proteinase", it can break down proteins, help digestion, dissolve blocked on fibrin and blood clots in the organization, and improve the local blood circulation, dilute the blood fat, eliminate inflammation and edema, can promote blood circulation. Especially after eating carnivorous and greasy food, it is more appropriate to eat some pineapple to prevent fat deposition.

    Bromelain can effectively decompose protein in food and increase peristalsis. The enzyme breaks down proteins in the stomach and supplements the deficiency of digestive enzymes in the body, restoring normal digestive function in patients with dyspepsia. The substance prevents gelatinous clumps and can be used to sour milk or soften other fruits, but this trait is weakened in cooking.

    In addition, the sugar and enzyme contained in pineapple have certain diuretic effect, which is beneficial to nephritis and hypertension, and also has auxiliary effect to bronchitis. Because of the action of cellulose, constipation treatment also has certain curative effect. When appear dyspepsia, eat a bit of pineapple to be able to appetizer is comfortable, solve fat, can have the effect that AIDS digestion, still can alleviate constipation. Besides, pineapple is rich in vitamin B1, can promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue feeling.

    Pineapple juice has cooling effect, and can prevent bronchitis effectively, but fever had better not eat. According to medical research, since ancient times, people have often relied on the bromelain contained in pineapples to relieve the symptoms of throat pain and cough. Pineapple contain bromelain in the skin, is rich in medicinal value, according to the foreign experts more than 20 years experiments, long-term consumption of pineapple peel, heart head blood-vessel, significantly reduce the incidence of diabetes, and there are certain anti-cancer effect. It also contains an enzyme that breaks down proteins.

Edible value

    Pineapple commonly known as the pineapple, as one of the famous tropical fruit, edible part of its main increase by fleshy rachis, spirally arranged in the peripheral of flowers, flowers usually is not strong, persistent perianth lobes into cavity, the cavity inside the atrophy of stamens and style.

Pineapple as fresh food, golden meat color, rich flavor, sweet and sour taste, crisp and juicy. Pineapple fruit besides fresh food, more for canning, because it can maintain the original flavor and widely loved. Canned pineapple processed products are known as "international canned fruits", can also be made into a variety of processed products, widely welcomed by consumers.

    Pineapples, like some fruits, can make some people allergic. Allergic reactions can occur as soon as 15 minutes. For example, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, flushed skin, itching all over, numbness of limbs and tongue, severe allergic reactions such as dyspnea and shock.

    Soak the pineapple in salt water and eat it again, breaking down some of the organic acids in it.

    Remove the sour taste and make the pineapple taste sweeter. It can also be boiled in boiling water before eating. Bromelain has degeneration in 45 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, 100 ℃ when more than 90% are destroyed; Glycosides can also be destroyed. Serotonin is soluble in water. The taste improved after boiling. Do not eat too much pineapple every time. Excessive consumption is harmful to the stomach. The baby that eats for the first time only eats biscuit size piece, if have no abnormality, can add quantity appropriately next time.

Nutritional value

     Pineapple fruit has good quality and rich nutrition, and contains a lot of fructose, glucose, vitamin B, C, phosphorus, citric acid and protease. Every 100 grams of pineapple contained 87.1 g of water, protein 0.5 grams, 0.1 grams fat, fiber 1.2 grams, 0.1 mg niacin, potassium 126 mg, 1.2 mg of sodium, zinc 0.08 mg, 8.5 grams carbohydrates, 20 mg calcium, phosphorus 6 mg, 0.2 mg of iron, carotene 0.08 mg, 0.03 mg thiamine, riboflavin, 0.02 mg vitamin C8 ~ 30 mg, ash 0.3 grams, the other contains a variety of organic acids and bromelain, etc.